31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
ASEAN cares about vulnerable people hit by Covid-19
So far, as many as 143,587 people in ASEAN member states have tested positive for the coronavirus and nearly 4,200 deaths are reported.
19:00, 2020/00/28
Hanoi delivers aid to almost all people hit by Covid-19
Most of the aid beneficiaries are thankful to the timely support.
14:47, 2020/47/29
Hanoi to spend US$149 million to aid 1.4 million people hit by pandemic
Hanoi’s authorities will try to disburse a part of the money to support people in need before April 30.
20:45, 2020/45/14
'Zero dong' Happy supermarket in Hanoi aids vulnerable people against Covid-19
The VND0 Happy stores have been opened in Hanoi and seven other provinces, and will stay open until the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.
14:40, 2020/40/10
Vietnam kicks off financial relief package for 20 million vulnerable people
The decree is set to cover six beneficiary groups of up to 20 million people who would receive financial aid in cash for the next three months.
17:53, 2020/53/07
Hanoi allocates US$28 million in trust fund for vulnerable people, businesses
The fund is expected to meet 65% of capital needs for vulnerable people to help them resume production and services.
15:32, 2019/32/28
UK envoy says to visit families of truck victims
The ambassador said the UK and Vietnam will boost the cooperation to prevent human trafficking and protect vulnerable people.