31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vingroup successfully manufactures ventilators for Covid-19 patients
The first batch of Vingroup's ventilators for Covid-19 patients is expected to be delivered on May 15.
16:43, 2020/43/07
Hanoi mulls extending social distancing period: Mayor
A longer stay-at-home period is believed to enable Hanoi to better identify infected cases and contain the virus.
23:49, 2020/49/25
Vietnam stocks jump most in 11 years Wednesday amid global gains
Analysts at MB Securities and Yuanta Securities reckoned Wednesday’s rally is a short-termed rebound.
10:08, 2020/08/09
VSmart forecast to hold Vietnam’s third largest smartphone seller in 2020
Vietnamese smartphone brand VSmart is expected to maintain its smartphone market share and overtake Chinese brands in 2020.
13:50, 2020/50/20
Masan Group completes US$24-million stake acquisition of Net Detergent
At a price of VND 48,000 (US$2.07) per share, Masan valued the company at US$46 million and price to earnings (P/E) multiple of 13x.
12:20, 2020/20/20
Singapore’s GIC, Credit Suisse no longer hold shares of Vinmart operator?
It is unclear whether the GIC-led consortium has fully withdrawn from VCM or transferred its stake to other investors.
09:49, 2020/49/19
Fine-tuned policies needed to unleash foreign investment in Vietnam’s M&A market
A survey by Corporate Investment and Mergers & Acquisitions Center also showed that one of the obstacles to M&A deals in Vietnam is the time consuming approval process.
09:43, 2020/43/18
Hanoi grants property certificates to foreign institutions, individuals
Vietnam has for years allowed foreign institutions and individuals to buy and own houses, but few people have succeeded in winning the ownership certificates.
23:53, 2020/53/28
Vietnamese aviation market experiences competition rage
The Vietnamese aviation market has been recording double-digit growth in the last four years, but the growth rate is slowing.
14:49, 2020/49/14
Vingroup suspends airline project
Vingroup’s investment in the aviation industry could lead to a surplus in supply, while the group needs to focus its resources on the industrial and technology businesses.
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