31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Central bank widens USD/VND exchange rate band to 5%
The central bank is ready to sell foreign currency to stabilize the market if needed.
21:41, 2022/41/10
Nearly 90% of banks expect profit in 2022
Most banks expected better business results for the fourth quarter and the whole year.
16:13, 2022/13/25
Credit demand set to grow in the final half of 2022
In the last half of 2022, banks may ease loan conditions so that more customers could access credit, given the positive economic outlook and their improving financial capacity.
09:55, 2022/55/06
Vietnam targets 70% of population to have bank accounts in 2022
The banking sector is set to continue promoting the use of non-cash payment methods with greater convenience and safety for the public.
14:35, 2022/35/21
Central Bank ready to meet market demand for foreign currencies
Such a move would help ensure that banks and credit institutions have the means to meet the demand for foreign exchange from individuals and organizations.
17:31, 2022/31/09
Vietnam c.bank committed to lowering interest rates to aid businesses
The Government’s efforts have resulted in a modest rise of 0.09% in the average interest rates against early 2021.
14:30, 2022/30/15
NA agrees to extend resolution on pilot bad debt management until 2023
The National Assembly called for the Government to have a long-term solution to resolve bad debts.