31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
How Vietnam contributes to UN peacekeeping missions over eight years?
Vietnam, despite being a newcomer, has appeared to be an active contributor to the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in the past eight years.
08:44, 2022/44/28
Vietnam peacekeepers hold surgeries for UN officials
Three of four patients were diagnosed with chronic appendicitis, a very rare disease mentioned in the medical literature.
15:14, 2022/14/29
Vietnam sends first peacekeepers to prolonged conflict Abyei
The Vietnamese peacekeepers will work as military observers and in charge of civil-military cooperation in the violently contested area.
18:31, 2022/31/19
Funeral of Vietnamese peacekeeper die on duty
The Vietnamese officer lost his life while performing the United Nations peacekeeping missions in the Central African Republic.