31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam provinces focus more on improving budget transparency
For this year, 24 out of 63 provinces/cities have fully disclosed information on their respective budgets, scoring 75 points and more, while in 2018, only six provinces did so.
17:38, 2020/38/24
Vietnam needs reform 3.0 to further improve business environment
The majority of business conditions still allow state agencies to interfere deeply in enterprises’ rights to freedom of doing business, said an expert.
19:05, 2020/05/22
National Single Window betters administrative procedure settlement in Vietnam
The implementation of the National Single Window helps save costs for enterprises for almost all procedures compared to the previous traditional approach.
17:28, 2020/28/10
Hanoi strives to ensure safe and stable investment environment for investors
Hanoi is determined to be the pioneer among Vietnam’s localities in rebooting the economy in the post pandemic period.
10:43, 2020/43/08
Hanoi to hold on to Vietnam’s top business-friendly locality position
In the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) report 2019, Hanoi’s ranking remained unchanged at ninth, but its score climbed from 65.4 to 68.8.
19:19, 2020/19/01
Specific criteria needed for Vietnam to attract FDI into priority areas
The quality of state management and administrative procedures are the top concerns of the business community, not only the progress of cutting red tape, said an expert.
09:29, 2020/29/15
Foreign investors call for greater flexibility in Vietnam's upcoming PPP law
A lack of a unified legal framework governing PPP is the main factor that Vietnam’s infrastructure sector growth potential is capped at 6.1% per year through 2029.
15:42, 2020/42/09
Vietnam PM urges authorities to give instant support to businesses
The PM asks authorized agencies to immediately launch programs aiding businesses to overcome hardships.
14:42, 2020/42/06
Hanoi's strong efforts to improve business environment yield results
Hanoi has remained firm in the top 10 business-friendly localities in Vietnam while other provinces and cities are pushing hard to stay competitive in the eyes of the business community.
17:43, 2020/43/05
Hanoi stays firm in Vietnam’s top 10 business-friendly localities: PCI 2019
Although Hanoi's ranking stayed unchanged at ninth, its PCI score has improved from 65.4 to 68.8, showcasing strong efforts from the local authorities towards administrative reform.
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