31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
VCCI names 3 pillars as driving forces for Vietnam economy
It is a miracle that Vietnam still maintains positive GDP growth in the current crisis, showing the country has succeeded in realizing the dual target of both containing the pandemic and boosting economic growth.
00:33, 2020/33/24
Vietnam honors 11 major renewable energy projects in 2020
All projects honored this time are those that have been evaluated in terms of stability, efficiency, as well as contributing to environmental protection and creating jobs.
19:01, 2020/01/20
Vietnam startups urged to focus on business integrity
Startups that fully comply with business integrity, including financial transparency, would have higher chances of attracting investors.
11:08, 2020/08/20
New direction for Vietnamese enterprises post-Covid-19
Many enterprises are now mapping out short-term business strategies of up to three years, given growing global uncertainties.
09:58, 2020/58/20
Covid-19 puts Vietnam under pressure for digital transformation: VCCI
Further support is needed from policymakers to provide both legal and infrastructure means to boost e-payment in Vietnam.
15:49, 2020/49/13
People and enterprises at center of development efforts: PM
Vietnam is committed to cooperating with ASEAN countries in providing substantial supports for the business community, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said.
11:08, 2020/08/13
Vietnam’s 4 commitments towards inclusive and sustainable development
Vietnam’s growth model has gradually shifted from an economy that is highly dependent on natural resources and cheap labor for grow towards the application of technology, science and innovation.
18:06, 2020/06/12
Vietnam businesses urged to rethink towards sustainable and digital future
Covid-19 has revealed, and even deepened the skills gaps between the current skills and what required to deliver an agile fit-for-the-future business strategy, stated a PwC Vietnam senior executive.
12:36, 2020/36/06
Vietnam to host ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2020 next week
This year’s theme ‘Digital ASEAN: Sustainable and Inclusive’ will discuss the importance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in stimulating growth, trade and investment.
22:52, 2020/52/03
Vietnam urged to better prepare for new investment wave
Vietnam has now become a top investment destination for foreign companies that are looking to form a sustainable supply chain for the future.
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