31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam benchmark VN-Index set to go sideways in November
The VN-Index edged up 2% month-on-month in October to finish at 925.47 and was among the best-performers in the world.
09:45, 2020/45/04
Trump, Biden vie for battleground states, still early to call
Donald Trump and Joe Biden each need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.
11:33, 2020/33/30
Vietnam October inflation hits 5-year low at 0.09% m/m
Core inflation comes at 2.52% year-on-year in the first ten months of 2020.
06:53, 2020/53/10
Black Lives Matter and the new US political constellation
The risks of Donald Trump losing reelection are growing, but his chances of staying in the White House are still there.
08:36, 2020/36/14
The Chinese factor in the US presidential election
This US campaign against China at this moment is attributable to two reasons.
09:37, 2020/37/10
US election: One out, one in
It should be very bad news for Donald Trump that Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race.
09:15, 2020/15/10
US elections in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic
The irony is that the pandemic gives Trump a chance to ensure his re-election, maybe easily and certainly, but at the same time threatens to destroy his ambition more than any candidate from the Democratic Party could do.
09:14, 2020/14/25
US presidential election: Possible new game changer
President Trump quickly turned from trivializing the pandemic and hesitating to respond to applying radical measures like almost never before in America’s contemporary history.