31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hanoi's tourism firms get creative to survive during the pandemic
The retention of high-quality human resources to prepare for tourism recovery is a problem that needs to be handled in many ways.
09:31, 2021/31/02
Hanoi ready for this year's SEA Games 31 and ASEAN Para Games 11
The observance of Covid-19 prevention and control protocol will continue to be the motto of Hanoi's tourism industry in 2021.
15:59, 2020/59/08
Hanoi tour operators adapt to Covid-19
Booking tours for the New Year holidays has not been very difficult amid the Covid-19, as the city's tour operators have plans to handle the pandemic situation.
09:37, 2020/37/04
Hanoi’s tourism industry takes preventive measures against Covid-19
Tour operators in the city should continue preparing new products while the city is fighting the pandemic.
23:34, 2020/34/01
Int'l arrivals to Vietnam in June drop to lowest in years on border closure
The country saw the modest number of tourists in June compared to the same period in the past many years.
15:33, 2020/33/29
Hanoi reboots tourism industry, focusing on domestic tourists
As the Covid-19 has been pushed back, Hanoi has begun to reopen sites of attraction to lure domestic tourists.