31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Few markets in the world offer greater potential than Vietnam: UK Minister
Vietnam is now ideally placed to attract additional foreign investment from the UK, the fifth largest global investor, said Tim Evans, CEO of HSBC Vietnam.
13:59, 2020/59/30
Vietnam to be economic benefactor thanks to successful crisis management
Vietnam is seen to be one of the world’s most attractive emerging economies.
17:16, 2020/16/24
Central bank’s policies conductive to FDI, economic resilience: HSBC
The central bank has taken both monetary and fiscal policies all together to ensure macro and social stability.
16:52, 2020/52/18
Vietnam economy shows “incredible resilience” at unprecedented times, HSBC Vietnam CEO says
Vietnam continues to be among the world’s most attractive emerging economies, the HSBC Vietnam CEO Tim Evans has said.