31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
The main rituals in the Lunar New Year Festival
For centuries, every year when Tet (the Lunar New Year Festival) arrives, various rituals have been held in every family, bringing a lively ambiance filled with tradition and culture in the beginning of the New Year all over the country.
14:16, 2021/16/06
Animated Hanoi preparing for Tet
Pre-Tet days are the most colourful time of Hanoi when the capital changes its coat into a new vital color of spring and joy.
13:34, 2021/34/07
Tet Holidays: Four reasons for a shopping staycation in Saigon
Tet is coming. Where is the best accommodation for shopping trips on the year’s biggest sales season in Saigon?
06:18, 2021/18/04
Hanoi: Fireworks to celebrate Lunar New Year’s Eve 2021 is canceled
Hanoi has canceled the firework displays in 30 districts and towns on the occasion New Year's Eve as the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading widely.
06:25, 2021/25/04
“Kitchen God” farewell ritual: Wishing for a prosperous Lunar New Year
Kitchen God farewell ritual is a very old custom in Vietnam. On the 23rd day of the December in the Lunar Calendar, Land Genie and the Kitchen God ride carps to Heaven to deliver an annual report on the household’s activities to the Jade Emperor.
09:58, 2021/58/04
Hanoians enjoy oldest spring flower market in Hang Luoc street
Visiting Hang Luoc flower market as Tet (Lunar New Year) approaching is an elegant hobby of Hanoiains.
21:58, 2021/58/01
Vietnam banks required to meet cash demand ahead of Tet
Relevant agencies are required to strengthen inspection, detect and strictly handle violations in foreign/cash exchange trading, according to the State Bank of Vietnam.
13:47, 2021/47/29
Trang Cat Village of Dong Leaf bustling at the end of the year
Being used to wrap Banh Chung (sticky rice cake for Tet), Dong leaves from Trang Cat village is the pride of the villagers that have been offered to other localities and countries.
16:56, 2021/56/29
The largest Kumquat garden in Hanoi is ready for Tet
Hanoi has started getting in the mood for the national biggest festival of the year – the Vietnamese Traditional Lunar New Year. A kumquat pot is seen an indispensable bonsai for many Vietnamese families during the festive holiday.
09:37, 2021/37/21
Precious book about traditional Vietnamese Tet
Tet Vietnam Xua (Ancient Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival) provides readers an overview about Tet holiday in Vietnam some decades ago.
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