Street workers in freezingly cold nights
Outdoor workers are covering themselves up to cope with the 11-14 degree Celsius weather.
15:57, 2020/10/05
New wave of cold air to hit Hanoi tonight
The weather in Hanoi will be cooler with the temperatures set to fall to 23-29 degrees Celsius.
11:15, 2020/05/21
Scorching heat strikes Hanoi with temperature surging to 40 degrees Celsius
The UV index in Hanoi city today will remain at the dangerous levels of 8 and 10, posing a high risk of skin damage.
15:15, 2020/03/18
Vietnam imposes mandatory quarantine to all visitors from ASEAN, Europe, US
Vietnam made the move after a surge in infections in neighboring countries and Europe.
17:29, 2020/03/17
Quarantine in Vietnam is more like a holiday camp: Briton
The full 14-day quarantine is part of Vietnam's efforts to keep locals and foreigners safe amid the rising global infections.
16:23, 2020/03/16
Vietnam takes samples for coronavirus test at airports
Taking samples at the airport appears to be one of protective measures to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.