31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hiking petrol prices exacerbate ordeal for local transportation firms
Transportation companies could face their end at any moment, said a sector’s insider.
15:05, 2020/05/15
Tax revenue contributes sizable part to Hanoi infrastructure development
The municipal Taxation Department is determined to achieve the highest possible revenue target of VND260.4 trillion (US$11.23 billion) this year amid Covid-19 severe impacts.
11:41, 2020/41/31
How can tax agencies tackle the impact of Covid-19?
Declining revenues and stuttering economies require that tax administrators in Asia and the Pacific innovate.
15:42, 2020/42/09
Vietnam PM urges authorities to give instant support to businesses
The PM asks authorized agencies to immediately launch programs aiding businesses to overcome hardships.
21:09, 2019/09/26
Trade barriers warned for EU-bound Vietnamese exports
The EVFTA is considered the new and modern free trade agreement with the strictest requirements and highest commitments, it obviously will bring tough challenges to Vietnam.
08:46, 2019/46/16
Vietnamese automobile makers ask for more support
Among the incentives, the government is urged to lower the special consumption tax for locally made parts to help them reduce prices to compete with foreign manufacturers.
15:03, 2019/03/03
Samsung seeks preferential treatments for US$220-million R&D center in Hanoi
Samsung wants to change the purpose of the R&D Center or transfer the building and its related land-use rights to another party, in case of necessity.