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Hanoi ensures safe water for all local residents
Hanoi continues to pay attention to expand clean water sources and distribution and take full capacity of surface water purifiers already in operation.
11:29, 2020/29/08
Hanoi to inspect quality of tap water
The water inspection will also be carried out in case of environmental incidents, indications of pollution or when there are reports about bad water quality or under special requirements.
00:24, 2019/24/23
Hanoi to hire consultant for clean water pricing
The independent consultant will assess the quality of water intake and calculate production costs of waterworks.
11:03, 2019/03/04
Hanoi proposes setting up tap water supervision center after contamination scandal
Hanoi's authority will require all clean water plants and distributors as well as water quality monitoring stations to connect with the center to manage, regulate and supervise clean water supply in the city.