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Business household survey to begin on July 1
The results will help the Government better assess the current economic state and socio-economic development trend.
17:00, 2021/01/08
Hanoi prepare for upcoming 2021 economic census
Statistics data holds great significance to support the city’s leaders in the process of management, said a senior official of Hanoi.
11:14, 2020/12/10
Businesses promote digital transformation for Covid-19 response: WB
As Vietnam has effectively controlled the Covid-19 pandemic, it witnesses the increasing number of businesses reopening in September-October, bringing the total share of fully opened businesses to 94%.
01:31, 2020/11/25
Vietnamese people put high trust in Russian Covid-19 vaccine
The two-dose Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine costs less than US$20.
15:11, 2020/09/13
Hanoi measures Covid-19 impacts on businesses
The survey will be conducted between September 10-20, and the results are expected to be released at the end of September.
10:27, 2020/06/11
Vietnam ranks highest in national Covid-19 response: Int’l survey
Vietnam has gained significant results thanks to its early response to the pandemic.
19:26, 2020/05/14
Vietnam ranks second globally in support for Covid-19 response
Vietnam’s effectiveness in curbing the spread of the virus has led to citizens' heightened level of trust in their leaders.
08:47, 2020/04/24
Less than 10% of enterprises suspend operations on Covid-19: Survey
Enterprises have been more active in adjusting their business strategies at a time when the pandemic is set to stay for a long period.
10:40, 2020/03/31
80% of American firms in Vietnam concerned about economic impacts of coronavirus
88% of the companies praised the Vietnamese government’s effective communication of health and safety updates.
12:34, 2020/01/09
Vietnam named most promising Asian investment destination in 2020 for Japanese firms
Vietnam's potential as a growing market, large supply of skilled and low-cost labor are key factors attractive to Japanese firms.