31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
China surpasses South Korea as Vietnam’s largest supplier of electronic products
Computers, electronic products, and parts have been the group of products with the highest import value since 2017.
05:35, 2021/35/02
Recovery should be in consonance with green growth: Vietnam PM
Vietnam, one of seven founding members, vows to pursue sustainable development but short-term economic growth.
05:24, 2021/24/28
Strengthening alliance for common goals
The US needs Japan and South Korea more than ever before dealing with China and North Korea.
05:32, 2021/32/28
Vietnam's FDI disbursement rises nearly 7% in Jan-May
FDI commitments to the country returned to positive trend by an expansion of 0.8% year-on-year to US$14 billion.
22:55, 2021/55/22
South Korea to resume hiring Vietnamese laborers
South Korean businesses are expected to hire more Vietnamese workers this year.
14:18, 2021/18/20
Thaco car maker acquires South Korean retail chain Emart
Emart expects the strategic alliance with Thaco will boost the growth and profitability of the South Korean retailer in Vietnam.
14:59, 2021/59/04
ASEAN+3 to strengthen regional ties for greater economic resilience amid pandemic
ASEAN+3 countries (plus South Korea, Japan and China) would remain committed to an open and rules-based multilateral trade and investment system.
05:54, 2021/54/29
Vietnam central to South Korea’s New Southern Policy: Chung Eui-yong
Vietnam is South Korea’s largest trade partner in Southeast Asia.
20:59, 2021/59/21
South Korean fast-food chain expands investment in Vietnam
Lotteria, a fast-food franchise brand, will open 28 fast food stores in Vietnam this year.
16:56, 2021/56/19
Samsung Vietnam earns US$3.8 billion in profit in 2020
Vietnam remains a major production hub for Samsung, as revenue from Samsung Vietnam made up 30% of that of the South Korean tech giant in the global market last year
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