31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnamese banks urged to tighten lending in real estate, securities
Credit should be channeled to priority fields and production/business activities with positive impacts on socio-economic development.
18:23, 2021/23/07
Nearly 115,000 new securities accounts opened in September
Vietnam stock market recorded a seventh consecutive month with the number of new securities accounts exceeding the 100,000-mark.
11:45, 2021/45/06
Vn-Index to fluctuate around 1,340-1,350 on September 6-10
Investors remained cautious due to the current serious Covid-19 situation.
17:18, 2021/18/24
Vn-Index under pressure to return to 1,300-1,320 this week
Investors have been more cautious against the backdrop of the global economy on the downside and Vn-Index’s unsuccessful attempts to surpass the 1,380-mark.
16:22, 2021/22/29
Central Bank warns of risks in real estate lending
Credit demand has been on the rise in the first half of the year and is set to maintain its growth momentum for the second six months.
15:22, 2021/22/23
Experts blasts proposal of bringing deposit interest rate to 0%
A 0% deposit rate amid a high inflation rate would turn people away from banks and look for other investment channels such as real estate, securities, or gold with higher risks, stated an expert.
19:43, 2021/43/25
Vn-Index surpass 1.300-mark
Local investors continued to dominate the market as their foreign peers remained net-sellers for the 10th consecutive trading session.
16:41, 2021/41/06
Vn-Index to reach new height of 1,370 in May
The participation individual investors and margin expansion in upcoming times from share issuance of securities firms are serving as key driving forces to boost market growth.
13:47, 2021/47/17
Listed firms allowed to change their exchange
The new agreement will help cut short processing time for listed firms and prevent disruption to trading activities.
19:44, 2021/44/09
Foreign investors remain net seller for 13 consecutive trading sessions
Local investors remain the driving force for the stock market to surpass the 1,200-mark in the coming time.
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