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Hanoi to build regulations on renovating and rebuilding old apartments
The study of the situation of the old apartment buildings in Hanoi will conclude in the third quarter, laying the groundwork for the issuance of regulations on renovating and rebuilding such constructions.
10:59, 2022/59/04
Hanoi tightens management over old French-style villas
By 2025, Hanoi aims to renovate 60 villas and other structures under the management of the municipal authorities and the Vietnamese Government.
13:22, 2021/22/08
Hanoi's old apartments turn hot properties
The new policies on rebuilding decaying condominiums have prompted investors to look for old apartments in anticipation of greater returns when they are rebuilt.
17:45, 2019/45/26
Renovating Hoan Kiem Lake’s embankment needs to ensure minimal impact
The construction plan would make no major impact on the surroundings with no tree being removed and the original soil structure under the sidewalks around the lake remaining intact.