31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hanoi identifies priorities to assist businesses in overcoming Covid-19 impacts
Administrative reform is seen as a necessary step to improve the business environment and enhance enterprises’ competitiveness.
06:52, 2021/52/09
Hanoi eyes public satisfaction rate on public services by 95% in 2025
The city strives to simplify an additional 20% of obsolete administrative procedures while calling for all localities to maintain the 100% of administrative applications being processed on time.
11:16, 2020/16/27
Vietnam PM urges e-government legal framework to be completed in 2020
Decrees on data privacy protection, e-authorization and verification are expected to be completed this year.
19:05, 2020/05/22
National Single Window betters administrative procedure settlement in Vietnam
The implementation of the National Single Window helps save costs for enterprises for almost all procedures compared to the previous traditional approach.
12:41, 2020/41/22
Promising FDI outlook for Hanoi amidst global Covid-19 crisis
FDI to Hanoi continues to rise while global investment activities shrink due to the growing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.
22:35, 2020/35/19
Hanoi remains second in public administration reform ranking
Administrative reform is among Hanoi’s three breakthrough policies to ensure socio-economic development and security in the 2015 – 2020 period, said Hanoi’s mayor Nguyen Duc Chung.
12:56, 2020/56/13
More public services come online to support people, firms hurt by Covid-19
The government estimated these online services would support more than four million workers and businesses affected by the pandemic.