31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam's credit growth expands by 7.42% despite Covid-19 impacts
The central bank would continue to keep the policy rates unchanged until the end of the year.
11:41, 2021/41/11
Policy rate cut not in sight at present: C.bank
The timing and adjustment of policy rates must be decided based on the actual situation.
10:31, 2020/31/05
Central Bank expected to cut key rate to aid economy
The inflation in 2020 is forecast at 3.3%, significantly lower than the target of 4% set by the government.
22:32, 2020/32/05
Vietnam c.bank’s latest policy rate cut to have limited impacts on economy
The decrease in short-term deposit rates at commercial banks was mainly driven by the excess liquidity when credit growth was slow at only 5.12% year-on-year as of September 22.
17:10, 2020/10/05
Vietnam c.bank ensures harmony in managing policy rates
The average mobilizing interest rates as of the end of July declined by 0.6 percentage points per annum against late 2019, creating conditions for lower lending rates.
14:49, 2020/49/10
Vietnam c.bank’s latest rate cut expected to reduce pressure on budget spending
Cutting deposit interest rates on required reserve of commercial banks is not a further monetary easing.
13:00, 2020/00/03
Vietnam credit growth hits 3.26% in Jan-Jun
Vietnam’s central bank is willing to increase the credit growth limits for banks from now until the end of the year to support economic growth.
16:10, 2020/10/13
Vietnam’s solid macro-economic base enables c.bank to further cut policy rates
Lower policy rates would enable commercial banks to cut interest rates in a more sustainable way, which in turn contribute significantly to economic recovery, said a central bank official.
02:00, 2020/00/13
Vietnam c.bank cuts policy rates again to buttress economic recovery
The cut is applied to the refinancing interest rate, discount interest rate, and overnight lending rate.
17:11, 2020/11/06
Low business performance may prompt Vietnam c.bank to further cut policy rates
The central bank had previously cut the benchmark interest rates by 0.5 – 1 percentage point in March.