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Foreign perspectives on the cultural industry
Many developing countries, including Vietnam, forged their path to harness national cultural strength for human development.
21:14, 2023/06/07
Photo Hanoi'23 drives capital's culture and art development
Photo Hanoi'23 is expected to promote the growth of culture and arts and become a popular tourist destination as many cities did after seizing the opportunity to host the biennale.
13:36, 2023/05/27
Photo Hanoi'23: Zoom in on Vietnamese culture
The international Art Biennial is considered a good way to promote the country's image and bring economic and social benefits.
12:14, 2023/05/06
Visitors discover beauty of photography with Belgian photographer
Belgian photographer Elodie Ledure will offer creative perspectives in photography, discovering the beauty of nature in combination with an arranged context.
18:02, 2023/04/23
Photo Hanoi'23: Ambition to drive Hanoi as city of photography
Photo Hanoi'23 Biennale with a variety of activities such as exhibitions, talks, and photography workshops will last from now until June 3.
16:32, 2023/04/22
Photo Hanoi’23: Artistic connection between Vietnam and the world
Photo Hanoi'23 Biennial will make Hanoi a great city of exhibitions and photo stories, bringing Vietnamese photography closer to the world.