31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam’s homegrown Nanocovax Covid-19 vaccine get biomedical approval
It’s unsure when the vaccine gets approval for emergency use.
20:12, 2021/12/19
South Korean firm to distribute Vietnam's homegrown Covid-19 vaccine
HLB’s affiliate NextScience holds 10.4% of the Vietnamese vaccine developer Nanogen.
23:59, 2021/59/12
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam likely produces vaccine in September
The homegrown Covid-19 vaccine candidate Nanocovax will finish phase 3 clinical trials in August.
20:37, 2021/37/09
PM demands quicker approval of homegrown Covid-19 vaccines
The move aims to release the locally-made vaccines in the shortest time, meeting the increasing demand for vaccination in Vietnam.
18:17, 2021/17/30
Vietnam homegrown Covid-19 vaccine Nanacovax soon approved
The Ministry of Health is asked to minimize administrative procedures that hinder vaccine production and to support businesses as much as possible to solve the most concerning issue.
15:20, 2021/20/21
Vietnam to set up national vaccine institute amid Covid-19 attack
Vietnam is making efforts to have its own Covid-19 vaccines amid the global thin supply.
05:36, 2021/36/03
JULY 2: Ho Chi Minh City continues seeing high infections
Ho Chi Minh is conducting a massive testing campaign of more than 5 million residents until July 5.
17:16, 2021/16/07
Vietnam facilitates development of homegrown Covid-19 vaccines
Vietnam is racing against time to reach 150 million doses of vaccine for 70% of its population.
17:17, 2021/17/01
Vietnam likely to license Nanocovax for emergency use
The license might be issued in the final trial that is expected to last two months from June.
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