31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam turns unprecedented challenge into an opportunity at UNSC
Vietnam engaged in multilateral diplomacy to considerable success. It has not been afraid to tackle difficult or contentious issues, using its rising diplomatic profile to seek constructive solutions to pressing issues.
20:16, 2021/16/04
ASEAN appoints envoy to Myanmar
The special envoy is believed an excellent choice to facilitate mediation of the dialogue process with all parties concerned.
21:49, 2021/49/14
Blinken urges ASEAN to take action on Myanmar
Vietnam says it is ready to facilitate US businesses in their investment in the regional countries.
19:26, 2021/26/21
Vietnam calls for soon implementation of five-point consensus over Myanmar issue
Such a move would have a direct impact on the credibility, image, and central role of the ASEAN, stated a Vietnamese senior official.
17:36, 2021/36/22
Vietnam PM to attend ASEAN summit in his first overseas trip
Part of the regional summit is to focus on Myanmar situation.
14:15, 2021/15/19
Myanmar: Part 3 - What would and might be next in Myanmar?
In recent time in Southeast Asia, military coups overthrowing civilian administrations have had been only seen in Thailand and Myanmar. Both are ASEAN members. There were strong oppositions, crashes between protesters and security forces inside these countries. There were deaths to claim in Myanmar.
11:10, 2021/10/18
Vietnam calls for stronger ASEAN-Australia economic linkage amid growing uncertainties
ASEAN and Australia will accelerate the action plan for the 2020-24 period, focusing on economy-trade-investment, anti-terrorism, environmental protection and climate change.
09:02, 2021/02/15
Myanmar: Part 2 - The dilemma of the US, China and ASEAN
ASEAN couldn't be quiet on the return of the military rulers to power in Myanmar but also couldn't condemn or sanction them.
12:03, 2021/03/12
Hanoi asks Myanmar to ensure safety for Vietnamese nationals: Spokesperson
The Vietnamese mission in Myanmar is working with local authorities to timely protect its citizens.
21:48, 2021/48/10
Vietnam under pressure to catch up with regional countries in e-government development: PM
Greater movement in national digital transformation would contribute to the realization of socio-economic development targets, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said.
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