31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Addressing crashes on HoSE is national emergency: Stock authority
Since the first crash last December, stock authorities have been actively working on solutions to solve the issue.
14:18, 2021/18/10
HoSE to test trading system provided by Korea Exchange next week
Once the testing period is completed, the new system could be put into operation this year.
16:33, 2021/33/08
Vietnam stock market predicted to surpass 1,200-threshold in mid-term
For 2021, the firm expected Vn-Index to fluctuate in range of 1,070-1,250.
06:39, 2021/39/19
Vietnam stock market watchdog addresses overload issue
A short-term solution would be to optimize the transaction process by increasing the minimum trading lot from 10 to 100 shares, starting from January 4, 2021.