31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam entirely justified in exercising self-defense against Khmer Rouge: Carl Thayer
Famous specialist on Southeast Asia Carl Thayer said Vietnam was entirely justified under international law in exercising self-defense against the Khmer Rouge who first attacked Vietnamese island territories in 1975.
16:27, 2022/27/24
55th anniversary of Vietnam-Cambodia relations observed
Vietnam and Cambodia have entered a stage of comprehensive cooperation and mutual benefit with a five-decade legacy.
10:04, 2022/04/21
Celebrating victory against Khmer Rouge, Cambodia thanks Vietnam for assistance
Hun Sen said that there were no countries to turn to except Vietnam for help in reorganizing the fight against Pol Pot's regime and saving millions of people.
23:51, 2020/51/29
How Vietnam modernizes its army
Since 2017, naval power has been the priority of Vietnam’s military modernization program.