31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam, Malaysia seek new air service agreement
The two sides also highlighted the expansion of high potential areas such as automation, smart logistics, innovation, high technology, digital economy, and digital transformation.
17:05, 2021/05/18
Many countries support ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar
They said a peaceful and non-violent resolution of the crisis and return to democracy is a matter of urgency.
17:02, 2021/02/09
China, ASEAN pledge stronger water governance for Mekong
Vietnam wants to increase sharing of hydrological data, consultation, and development of water resources policy.
11:51, 2021/51/14
Vietnam President vows to support ASEAN Community Vision 2025
The ASEAN Community Vision 2025 covers politics and security, economics, and socio-culture.
18:09, 2021/09/08
ASEAN and partners’ defense officials prepare for joint statement
ADMM-Plus requires avoiding the deepening of mistrust, miscalculation, and patterns of behavior based on a zero-sum game.
12:04, 2020/04/20
ASEAN defense forces join hands to combat Covid-19
Conducting drills is one of measures that the regional defense forces have planned to cope with the epidemic.
11:13, 2020/13/17
Vietnam issues statement on ASEAN joint response to Covid-19
The bloc will prioritize its response to the Covid-19 epidemic which hits six out of the 10 ASEAN members.