31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
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With this foreign policy, the US hopes to successfully come back on world stage, to regain roles and influences in the world politics and credibility among allies and partners,
14:32, 2021/32/17
Lost within win, success within failure
A lost political battle didn't automatically mean that this failure was meaningless.
18:21, 2021/21/08
Gold investors in Vietnam urged to stay cautious amid strong market volatility
Given a large gap between domestic and international gold prices, it would be high risks for investors to bet their money on gold at the moment, said an expert.
01:43, 2020/43/27
Trump: His game is over
America has profoundly changed in the twilight of Trump's presidency and will profoundly, too, change during the upcoming Joe Biden's presidency.
16:14, 2020/14/24
US investments set to continue flowing to Vietnam
Many tech firms in Silicon Valley are exploring opportunities of moving their production chains of electronic products to Vietnam, stated a representative of the US – ASEAN Business Council.
14:25, 2020/25/09
America's turning point
Trump's first presidency term is an unprecedented episode in American history.
09:49, 2020/49/08
“This is the time to heal in America”: President-elect Biden
With the latest projections, Biden, 78, will become the oldest serving US president while Kamala Harris will be the first vice president, the first vice president of color and the first South Asian woman to reach this rank.
16:24, 2020/24/06
Vietnam hopes any new US president will support bilateral ties
Vietnam considers the US one of the most important partners on the basis of respect for each other's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political systems.
15:23, 2020/23/16
US presidential election: Winning chances for whom?
Before these party conventions, the constellation in America swung in favor of the Democratic couple Biden-Harris. But now, Biden's gap with Trump is narrowing.
06:53, 2020/53/10
Black Lives Matter and the new US political constellation
The risks of Donald Trump losing reelection are growing, but his chances of staying in the White House are still there.
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