31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam needs more efforts to lure new FDI wave
While other countries are setting up specific and clear priorities to attract FDI projects, Vietnam is still pursuing a strategy with multiple targets that could lead to missed opportunities.
16:24, 2020/24/21
Vietnam turns to India, Nepal to diversify trade markets
Vietnam could take advantage of the Vietnamese communities living in these two countries to boost exports.
10:40, 2020/40/16
Vietnam holds advantages as investors look beyond China: Experts
Vietnam holds a number of advantages against other countries at a time when investors are looking to exit China, according to experts.
14:14, 2020/14/12
Vietnam faces fierce competition to attract capital flight from China
With its early success in containing the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam is having a jump-start among potential investment destinations in attracting a new wave of FDI.
16:41, 2020/41/11
Vietnamese enterprises face risks of being acquired at low prices
Under the severe consequences of the pandemic, local enterprises are put into a more vulnerable position and become easy target for foreign companies.
12:21, 2020/21/23
Vietnam again named among top 10 remittance recipients in 2019
In the East Asia and Pacific region, Vietnam ranked third after China and the Philippines.
12:04, 2020/04/21
Vietnamese people most optimistic about post-pandemic economic recovery: Survey
A majority of people in 10 of the 15 countries polled by Ipsos disagree that the economy will recover quickly once the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown is lifted, suggesting a lasting impact.
13:55, 2020/55/15
Vietnam 2020 GDP growth forecast to stay ahead regional peers at 2.7%: IMF
The economy is subject to a strong rebound of 7% GDP growth in 2021.
13:08, 2020/08/14
Vietnam’s imported cars down 32.6% in Q1
The majority of imported cars in Vietnam in March came from Thailand and Indonesia.
15:13, 2020/13/24
First automaker in Vietnam suspends production on Covid-19
In Vietnam, Ford Vietnam's Hai Duong assembly plant is scheduled to stop operation by March 26.
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