Today’s Covid News: Vietnam spends US$7.3 billion on pandemic fight since 2020
Vietnam will make the pandemic expenses transparent to serve the long-term fight.
21:39, 2021/09/13
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam to receive 1.5 million vaccine doses from France, Italy
For many EU member states, Vietnam is the largest trade partner in ASEAN.
22:20, 2021/09/12
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam receives more fully vaccinated visitors
Vietnam is preparing for the adoption of vaccine passports on a large scale.
22:18, 2021/09/11
Today’s Covid News: More than half of people with coronavirus recovered in Vietnam
Hanoi and 19 southern cities and provinces are racing against time to vaccinate all residents with the first jabs before September 15.
23:26, 2021/09/10
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam approves 7th vaccine
Big cities across Vietnam are racing against time to boost the inoculation campaign.
23:13, 2021/09/09
Today’s Covid News: Government sets aside more money for Covid fight
Vietnam has pursued a policy that testing and treating confirmed coronavirus cases are free of charge.
21:23, 2021/09/08
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam, UNICEF join hands to protect children in pandemic
Health experts and psychologists said psychological therapies are as important as disease treatment for children with Covid-19.
21:55, 2021/09/07
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam mobilizes forces for pandemic fight in Hanoi
Health experts said Hanoi is at risk of a widespread outbreak.
15:01, 2021/09/07
HCMC to resume business activities in "green" zones: Mayor
The city will reopen its economy based on the pandemic movement. The scale is expected to be extended after September 15.
20:20, 2021/09/06
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City urged to finish injecting first jabs before mid-Sept
Hanoi should be prioritized in the vaccination drive.
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