Vietnam destinations to be filmed on Netflix Movie
The romance movie by a famous Netflix producer promises to be a big hit with picturesque scenes of Vietnam.
00:53, 2022/02/01
Tet across Vietnam
Covid-19 cannot prevent people in Vietnam from celebrating the new year in their own cozy way.
21:49, 2021/10/03
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam kicks start supporting program for Covid-hit orphans
Adolescent orphans will receive financial and medical support until their adulthood.
21:40, 2021/09/28
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam's coronavirus infections hit two-month record low
Hanoians were allowed to do outdoor exercises as of today after two months and a half.
22:54, 2021/09/22
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam likely to spend US$1.7 billion on pandemic fight
Most of the spending will be used for vaccine purchases.
22:24, 2021/09/21
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam’s coronavirus infections surpass 700,000
Vietnam is racing against time to vaccinate people in order to soon reopen the economy in affected areas.
21:53, 2021/09/19
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam allocates more Sinopharm vaccine
Sinopharm vaccine accounts for nearly half of vaccines available in Vietnam thus far.
21:40, 2021/09/18
Nearly 34,000 soldiers join pandemic fight in HCM City
Soldiers and militiamen have been mobilized to the southern city after it imposed the shelter-in-place order, which has lasted for nearly a month.
06:05, 2021/09/17
Hanoi and HCMC finish first jab
The two cities are speeding up the second shots for about 12.7 million people aged above 18.
06:41, 2021/09/16
Today's Covid News: Experts urge Gov't to improve local healthcare capacity
Local experts said it’s necessary to change anti-pandemic measures to get prepared for living safely with the pandemic.
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