31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Strong private sector key to Vietnam economic transformation: Report
A private sector-led low-carbon economic growth model can enable Vietnam’s goal of becoming a high-income country by 2045.
08:41, 2020/41/30
Effective reform efforts to help Vietnam become high-income country by 2045: WB
Covid-19 could act as a catalyst for Vietnam to speed up the digital transformation it has already embarked upon.
17:13, 2020/13/24
EVFTA to help realize Vietnam's high-income status ambition: Expert
In one month and a half, the amount of Vietnamese goods and products that benefit from EVFTA’s preferential treatment is equivalent to that of the CPTPP throughout 2019.
11:00, 2020/00/11
Similarities between Cristiano Ronaldo and Vietnam
Vietnam could achieve its ambition of becoming a high-income country in 2045 by adapting its development strategy toward higher efficiency, just like Cristiano Ronaldo did with his game at the age of 35.
19:19, 2020/19/27
Productivity growth key to propel Vietnam to high-income economy: WB
Vietnam’s private sector requires a modern and effective institutional framework for reaching out further to international markets, said the World Bank’s country director to Vietnam.