Hanoi tightens food safety management after Tet
Local authorities will take strong measures to ensure food safety in the kitchens of industrial parks, schools, and government agencies.
14:34, 2022/04/04
Hanoi’s edtech and healthtech startups to get financial supports
The program, launched for the first time, draws the participation of 20 investors and strategic partners.
12:10, 2021/02/22
Hanoi Mayor urges enterprises to put health, safety as utmost priority
The Hanoi Mayor expected local firms to accelerate the digital transformation process, which remains the city’s priority for development in the next five years.
12:24, 2020/12/04
Hanoi asks students to wear masks from home to school
Hanoi’s Department of Education and Training has required schools at all levels to increase their application of technology in preventing Covid-19, including using the application “Safe Covid-19”.
09:48, 2020/08/07
Vietnam becomes second most optimistic country in Q2 2020: Nielsen
After one year, Job security overtook Health to become No.1 concern of Vietnamese consumers.
10:32, 2020/04/30
Vietnam prioritizes people’s well-being in coronavirus fight: Ambassador
The ambassador attributed part of the results to the urgency the government has shown in prioritizing the people's well-being.
09:49, 2020/04/12
How Vietnam promotes its ASEAN cohesive role in coronavirus battle?
Hanoi has activated all virtual channels available to keep ASEAN discussions ongoing.
22:41, 2020/02/07
F1 race will be held in most secure health service condition: Spokesperson
F1 Vietnam Grand Prix goes third on F1 22-race calendar, shortly after Australia and Bahrain, and will take place on April 5, 2020.
18:50, 2020/01/31
nCoV: Vietnam capable of producing sufficient medical masks
Prices of masks have been driven up by hoarding and citizens’ spookiness.
08:29, 2019/12/12
Despite overall optimism, health remains top concern of Vietnamese consumers
It's understandable that Vietnamese are increasingly concerned about health issues as air and water pollution has become palpable in large cities.