31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hanoi set to make breakthroughs in transport infrastructure development in 2023
Local authorities have shown a strong determination to remove bottlenecks causing years-long delays in large transportation projects.
16:55, 2022/55/04
Red River Zoning Plan to drive Hanoi's socio-economic development
The new changes to the Red River Zoning Plan would help resolve Hanoi's existing bottlenecks to development.
20:23, 2022/23/03
Hanoi announces resources for water drainage
Hanoi is expected to accelerate the construction of an urban water drainage system under the planning, along with new parks and water detention basins.
21:14, 2022/14/02
Hanoi expects revised Capital Law for further development in next decades
Finalizing the revised Capital Law would set the platform for Hanoi’s development in the next ten years and beyond.
05:33, 2022/33/31
Hanoi to develop website for 2021-2030 planning process
The preparation for the planning process is going in the right direction.
14:29, 2022/29/11
Hanoi to develop urban system under vision to 2030
Social resources have been instrumental in urban development and the city’s landscape transformation.
16:29, 2020/29/03
Hanoi urban development needs innovation and conservation
Many experts shared opinions at a seminar reviewing some issues faced in urban planning towards cross-sector integration organized by Hanoi Association of Architects (HAA) on December 2.