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Ke Mo tofu, a typical rustic dish of Hanoians
Coming from an ancient craft village, named Ke Mo, now in Mai Dong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Tofu is a simple yet delicious dish on the daily food tray of Hanoians.
15:10, 2022/10/26
[Quintessence of Hanoi’s cuisine] Muoi Sau sweet soups – quintessence of Hanoi’s nosh
Muoi Sau (Sixteen) Dessert Soup Stall in Hanoi’s downtown is a well-known place for those who love the sweetness of Hanoi desserts.
15:09, 2022/09/29
Hanoi's Banh Ran among world best dishes: CNN
A Hanoi speciality- the Banh Ran is among the best dishes from Vietnam that CNN Travel suggests travelers try when visiting the capital city in particular and the country in general.
18:40, 2022/40/03
Hanoian prepares floating cakes for Han Thuc Festival
Delicious tiny glutinous rice cakes are made by talented Hanoi housewives once a year to worship their ancestors.
03:38, 2022/38/12
Vietnamese specialty of Pho bo among the best dishes: CNN
Vietnamese traditional wonderful aromatic soup wins the heart of diners around the world.
15:01, 2021/01/12
[Quintessence of Hanoi’s cuisine] “Banh Cuon Ba Hoanh”: Gorgeous decades-long delicacy of Hanoi
The renowned food-store has won the hearts of many Hanoian generations with its only kind of foodstuff for over 70 years.
17:42, 2021/42/20
Visitors to Hanoi don't miss seasonal treats
Hanoi is full of particular dishes from the capital of the North, with special cakes being counted among them.
17:57, 2021/57/16
Hanoi’s specialty: Westlake Lotus Tea
Five generations of a family in Hanoi had found the way to bring all the quintessence lotus into the art of tea.
06:07, 2021/07/11
New unique Banh Chung attracts diners
The new delicious creations of Banh Chung or Vietnamese traditional cake for Tet has won the hearts of culinary connoisseurs.
09:23, 2021/23/07
‘Pho’ - a Hanoian's exquisite cuisine
The simple yet exotic delicacy of piping hot noodle soup with beef has captured the heart of many culinary connoisseurs locally and internationally.
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