31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hanoi verifies Covid-19 vaccination data and confirms vaccine passports for local residents
The vaccine passport is used in conjunction with other personal identification documents like ID cards.
15:27, 2021/27/02
Zero-VND store alleviates ordeal for needy residents in Hanoi
Rice, eggs, noodles and other supplies are sold for zero-VND at a newly-opened store in Hanoi.
16:55, 2021/55/06
Hanoi residents advised to stay home to avoid Covid-19 infection
Hanoi is entering a more intense phase of the fight against the novel coronavirus and it would foil the city's efforts if the fresh outbreak of Covid-19 is not well managed.
15:45, 2021/45/14
Some 350,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to be administered for Hanoi residents
Hanoi attains the highest inoculation rate nationwide in the first vaccination campaign.
18:30, 2021/30/25
Hanoi to provide free health check-ups for all local residents
The goal of periodic health check-ups at least once a year for all Hanoi’s residents has been included in the document of the municipal Party Congress.
11:34, 2021/34/27
Hanoi ensures safe water for all local residents
Hanoi continues to pay attention to expand clean water sources and distribution and take full capacity of surface water purifiers already in operation.
13:00, 2021/00/17
Another strong cold spell chills Hanoi and northern Vietnam
Hanoi residents are advised to keep warm to protect their health in the chilly cold weather.
07:30, 2020/30/20
Hanoi residents must don face masks in churches during Christmas: Official
Localities and units in Hanoi need to monitor crowded events and map out plans on the pandemic prevention during the occasions of Christmas and New Year.