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Hanoi posts strong recovery in post-pandemic period
Along with efforts to contain the pandemic and push for socio-economic recovery, Hanoi has also given priority to administrative reforms.
17:07, 2022/08/17
Hanoi targets 9% increase in tax revenue by 2023
Hanoi expects positive economic performance in 2023 would result in the higher budget collection.
17:26, 2022/08/16
Hanoi boosts socio-economic growth, but remains vigilant against Covid-19
The city is keen to avoid any Covid-19 impacts that could derail its plan for socio-economic recovery for this year.
14:59, 2022/08/12
Hanoi focuses on supporting business recovery: Mayor
The speedy recovery of businesses has contributed to socio-economic development.
11:55, 2022/07/18
Hanoi stands firm on GDP growth target of 7-7.5% in 2022
The local economy has seen a strong recovery during the second quarter of 2022 with the GRDP expanding by 9.49%, beating the expectation of 6.4-6.9% set in early 2022.
21:55, 2022/06/24
Hanoi GRDP growth hits 7.79% in first half
A series of measures for flexible and safe adaptation to the Covid-19 pandemic helped ensure Hanoi’s speedy socio-economic recovery.
21:13, 2022/06/06
Hanoi speeds up preparation for Ring road No.4 project
Ring road No.4 not only brings in economic benefits but also is significant in terms of politics and foreign affairs.
18:24, 2022/04/01
Hanoi GRDP growth in Q1 hits 5.83%
Vietnam’s effective vaccination strategy has helped put the pandemic under control and laid the foundation for a focus on socio-economic recovery.
20:36, 2022/02/07
No time to waste for socio-economic recovery: Hanoi Party chief
Along with drastic measures to help business recovery, Hanoi would soon reopen attraction spots, cultural and spiritual heritage.
10:50, 2021/12/30
Hanoi's GRDP growth estimated to expand by 2.92% in 2021
This year GRDP growth was in line with the most optimistic growth scenario for 2021 of 2.35-3% for the capital city.