Hanoi celebrates 15 years of administrative boundary adjustment 12th Vietnam-France decentrialized cooperation conference 31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Performance of 300 artists to celebrate 100th anniversary of musician Van Cao
Involving more than 300 artists, the program "Vietnamese Birds" is a special art event to celebrate the 100th birthday of the late musician Van Cao.
15:11, 2023/07/11
Hanoi Opera to host Ngo Thuy Mien's live love song show
The show will be a performance of love songs by Ngo Thuy Mien, reflecting his life-long love for his wife.
22:57, 2023/07/09
Ho Guom Opera: Architectural and cultural highlight of Hanoi
Ho Guom Opera is a mix of modernity and tradition, a rendezvous for leading artists and art troupes from home and abroad.
21:23, 2023/04/25
Hanoi: A bond between Vietnam and France
Hanoi has served as a hub for cultural exchange and collaboration between Vietnam and France from the past to the present. Today, it takes the lead in shaping the bilateral future by spearheading initiatives to strengthen local ties.
12:06, 2023/04/04
News highlights for April 4, 2023
Find out the latest news about Vietnam and Hanoi at The Hanoi Times.
11:44, 2022/07/25
Opera House to be a focal point for Hanoi
The Hanoi Opera House will not only preserve cultural values ​​that have survived over time in the capital city but also build an advanced culture, approaching the quintessential values of the world.
13:46, 2021/10/24
Hanoi: French architecture walking tour launched
The first tour after social distancing order was removed in Hanoi entertains visitors with the best examples of French architectures in the capital city.
21:33, 2020/12/30
New Year Countdown Party to open in Hanoi
Impressive entertainment activities are ready to welcome the New Year 2021
15:40, 2020/12/30
Hanoi is so beautiful with East-West, modern-classic interwoven architecture
Hanoi is gorgeous and charming with its East-West architecture. Today, the emergence of modern architectural constructions has contributed to forming a dreamy and dynamic Hanoi.
15:48, 2020/12/23
Christmas festive music night opens to public
The night of sound and light, opened at the August Revolution Square, Hanoi on December 24, will be a ‘gift’ for not only young Vietnamese but also international friends to cheer them on as New Year is approaching.
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