31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Incentives needed to realize Hanoi's development visions
Hanoi is in need of US$350 billion to upgrade urban infrastructure and realize development visions until 2030.
14:38, 2022/38/03
Hanoi gains momentum in economic development
Hanoi gives priority to administrative reform, improving the business environment, and enhancing economic competitiveness.
10:27, 2022/27/17
Urban planning plays a key role in sustaining prosperity in Hanoi: Experts
The goal is to ensure the effective use of different resources to serve the capital city’s development goals for the 2021-2030 period and subsequent years.
21:55, 2022/55/24
Hanoi GRDP growth hits 7.79% in first half
A series of measures for flexible and safe adaptation to the Covid-19 pandemic helped ensure Hanoi’s speedy socio-economic recovery.
14:19, 2022/19/06
Politburo sets development objectives for Hanoi until 2030
By 2045, Hanoi would become a global city with high living standards and a GRDP per capita of over $36,000.
08:43, 2022/43/14
Hanoi announces unprecedented infrastructure planning
These plans are of significance for Hanoi’s development, especially the planning for urban underground space, which is the first of its kind with high and unprecedented complexity.
15:46, 2022/46/31
Hanoi announces Red River Zoning plan
By 2030, the population in these areas is estimated to be around 300,000, including 85,000 new residents.
15:49, 2021/49/12
Ngoc Ha flower village makes effort to keep its scent
Hanoi's ancient Ngoc Ha flower village no longer grows flowers but recently the nice colors are seen and pleasant odors of flowers scented once again here, thanks to green projects of the residents.
17:48, 2020/48/10
Towards 1010 years of Thang Long - Hanoi: Refining the quintessence, reaching the integration
There are many powerful nations in the world but not many capitals has a long history and rich culture as Hanoi.