31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam's 10-year low GDP growth in Q1 is not the worst yet: Think tank
Vietnam’s informal sector, accounting for an estimated 25 – 30% of GDP, is among the groups hardest hit by the pandemic, but not included in GDP calculation.
12:48, 2020/48/07
Covid-19 challenges Vietnam's fundamental weaknesses
In 2020, raising public investment disbursement is the only way to lessen the pain of economic growth.
20:49, 2020/49/23
US mulls importing Vietnam’s medical equipment for Covid-19 fight
Since late January 2020, health agencies of the two countries have shared information and data to combat Covid-19.
19:18, 2020/18/18
Nearly 7,000 overseas Vietnamese flock home today for shelter from pandemic
Thousands of overseas Vietnamese have returned to the country due to global rising threats and limited travel options.
01:07, 2020/07/18
Vietnam Airlines halts flights to France, Malaysia on Covid-19
Only passengers meeting all immigration and health requirements are allowed to board Vietnam Airlines flights.
02:32, 2020/32/16
Vietnam Airlines U-turns to transport passengers from Europe to Vietnam
Before embarking, all passengers have to undergo an interview and body temperature check
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