31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hanoi economy remains resilient in Jan amid nCoV outbreak
The city will act to minimize impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on the economy.
01:29, 2020/29/06
Vietnam to feel bad economic contagion of coronavirus: ANZ
The new coronavirus is estimated to shave 0.81 percentage points off Vietnam's annual GDP growth.
12:38, 2020/38/29
Registered capital of Vietnam’s new businesses expands 4-year high growth in Jan
Total registered capital added to the economy in January was VND501.4 trillion (US$21.65 billion).
15:04, 2020/04/21
Switzerland supports trade agreement between Vietnam and EFTA
The trade deal would create favorable conditions for greater cooperation in trade and investment between the two countries.
17:50, 2020/50/03
The best choice for Russia
Putin has been increasingly upsetting the West but for Russia in the last twenty years he has been the right man for the right job at the right time.
14:12, 2019/12/13
Vietnam 2017 GDP expands US$56 billion after revision
After revision, Vietnam’s GDP grew an average of 25.4% annually in the 2010 – 2017 period, in which 2011 recorded the highest growth rate of 27.3%.
22:55, 2019/55/11
Innovation is key in Vietnam's digital transformation: Deputy minister
Vietnam has been witnessing the birth of many technology businesses, in numerous fields and different new business models.
10:41, 2019/41/05
Foreign investors unable to get Vietnamese stocks despite value at lowest level: Bloomberg
Tight liquidity is considered the main reason for difficulty that any investor who would like to take advantage of the country’s economic growth is facing.
15:19, 2019/19/04
Japan enterprises want to take part in Vietnam’s privatization process
Japanese enterprises want to be updated on legal procedures so that they could play a more active role in the process of state-owned enterprises privatization in Vietnam.
11:57, 2019/57/02
Efficient resource utilization may help Vietnam GDP grow 9 – 10%
The public capital must be allocated based on market principles, said an expert.
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