US Congress urged to stop discrimination against Vietnamese-Americans
The rise in anti-Asian hate has resulted in attack and shooting with more cases over the past weeks.
13:33, 2020/03/22
Vietnam closes borders to foreigners as coronavirus infection toll nears 100
Vietnam's spokeswoman said all protective measures are based on the virus situation and with no discrimination against anyone.
08:20, 2020/03/21
No bias in treating foreigners in Covid-19 pandemic: Vietnam spokesperson
Vietnam's protection measures aim to protect the safety of Vietnamese people and foreigners.
17:49, 2020/03/18
Vietnam to strictly handle acts of discrimination against foreign tourists
All individuals and organizations involving in tourism industry are asked to strictly abide by the Tourism Law provisions on non-discrimination against tourists.
07:52, 2019/12/05
Discrimination towards persons with disabilities remains significant in Vietnam: UNDP
There remains unequal treatment towards persons with disabilities and more efforts are required to empower them at work and in the society.