Hanoi launches phase 2 of 2021 national economic census
Hanoi is set to publish the survey result in December 2021 and the official figure in February 2022.
22:52, 2020/11/03
Vietnam urged to better prepare for new investment wave
Vietnam has now become a top investment destination for foreign companies that are looking to form a sustainable supply chain for the future.
14:54, 2020/09/29
Cultural resources are soft power in Hanoi's creative city development strategy
Once becoming a creative city, Hanoi will have to materialize its long-term programs and action plans on visions and political ties in the city.
10:59, 2020/08/14
Hanoi targets industry, trade to make up 23% of GRDP in next five years
Industry and trade are two major pillars for the development of Vietnam’s economy in general, and that of Hanoi in particular, stated Hanoi’s Party chief Vuong Dinh Hue.
05:56, 2020/05/16
Vietnam urged to readjust development strategy in post-pandemic period
With a limited state budget, Vietnam should mobilize social resources to support startups and large-scale enterprises, those considered capable of driving the economy forward.