31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Three must-have qualities of a representative of the people
The worst thing for an elected representative is failing to keep a promise, says Nguyen Minh Duc, a candidate running for the Hanoi People's Council in 2021-26 term.
18:08, 2021/08/13
Hanoi targets high voter turnout in upcoming general elections: City’s election head
Hanoi, the city of roughly 10 million people, has around 5.8 million voters.
11:31, 2021/31/11
Hanoi to ensure successful general elections in any Covid-19 circumstances: Party chief
Election committees are responsible for planning protection measures to ensure full safety for all constituencies, including those in high-risk areas, quarantine and isolation zones.
17:13, 2021/13/06
Hanoi election head calls for voters’ responsibilities in casting ballots
Local authorities are stepping up their preparation for the upcoming general elections, with public health being a priority amid serious Covid-19 situation in the city.
22:52, 2020/52/03
Vietnam urged to better prepare for new investment wave
Vietnam has now become a top investment destination for foreign companies that are looking to form a sustainable supply chain for the future.