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Vietnam does not engage in unfair trade practices: US Treasury Department
The US is satisfied with the progress made by Vietnam in addressing the former’s concern over trade issues.
07:33, 2021/33/17
Vietnam no longer labeled as currency manipulator: US Treasury
The US Treasury of Department would continue its enhanced engagement with Vietnam.
18:14, 2020/14/21
Vietnam GDP set to rebound to 6.8% in 2021: WB
Vietnam’s good economic performance comes from the resilience of both domestic economy and foreign trade.
10:29, 2020/29/17
Central bank responds to US Treasury labelling Vietnam as currency manipulator
Vietnam gives priority to a stable and sustainable trade-economic relation with the US, and will continue to work towards a harmonious and fair-trade relations under the bilateral action plan, stated the country’s central bank.
14:25, 2020/25/13
Stable outlook expected for Vietnamese dong
While Vietnam is at risk of being listed as currency manipulator by the US, such a risk appears low, as the US will likely continue to reduce its dependence on Chinese exports by reorganizing its supply chain with other partners.
14:15, 2020/15/07
USD/VND rate expected to remain stable until year-end
In addition to a weakening US dollar, the ample supply of dollars thanks to Vietnam’s record trade surplus is a major factor that could keep a stable USD/VND exchange rate.
14:54, 2020/54/13
Vietnam to remain safe from US trade tariffs: Fitch Solutions
Vietnam recognizes its growing trade surplus with the US and is actively seeking to narrow this surplus to avoid meeting the same fate of damaging trade tariffs that has befallen China.
16:41, 2020/41/16
US unlikely to name Vietnam as currency manipulator: Expert
Given the growing US – Vietnam diplomatic relations and Vietnam’s willingness to address the US's concern related to trade issues, the chance for this to happen is nearly zero, said an expert.