31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Culture should be a torch to light up nation’s way forward: Expert
It is vital that Vietnam build a “normative cultural value system” for its people to take as a reference and avoid deviant behaviors that harm the development of society and tarnish the national image.
10:53, 2020/53/24
Lenin Park - entertaining rendezvous for Hanoi residents and visitors
Lenin Park is one of the places for visitors to come when they explore Hanoi's culture.
22:51, 2020/51/19
Hanoi – Impressive destination for real estate investors
Hanoi has its own attractions that become special to outsiders.
14:53, 2020/53/15
Snapshots of bustling atmosphere at Hanoi Dragon Boat Racing Festival
Hanoi, Thai Nguyen and Ben Tre teams won the professional men and women categories.
11:16, 2020/16/10
Hanoi beauty in local painters' eyes
Autumn, the most beautiful season of the capital city, is a favorite topic for local artists.
12:00, 2020/00/14
Hanoi 17th Party Congress targets 3 breakthroughs for development till 2025
The culture and value of Hanoians should be a decisive factor to help develop Hanoi in the future.
10:35, 2020/35/12
Connections Through Culture launched in Vietnam
The Connections Through Culture UK-Southeast Asia is a bilateral grants program designed to seed exciting cultural exchanges between artists, arts professionals and arts organizations.
18:11, 2020/11/07
Hanoi attaches importance to cultural and social development
The Hanoi government needs to keep effectively implementing the city's Code of Conduct, promoting education on building elegant and civilized Hanoians.
01:02, 2019/02/24
Vietnamese traditional Tet recreated in Hanoi’s Old Quarter
The most significant ritual of the New Year event is the Neu pole raising ceremony at the Ngoc Son Temple’s gate by Hoan Kiem lake.
12:05, 2020/05/17
Hanoi heritages valuable for tourism education
The land of the rising dragon boasts a great number of cultural and historical destinations.
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