Vietnam - Asia 2023 Smart City Summit Hanoi celebrates 15 years of administrative boundary adjustment 12th Vietnam-France decentrialized cooperation conference 31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnamese-Korean tug-of-war competion celebrates Hanoi as creative city
The Festival of Tug-of-War Rituals and Games was held with eight teams from Vietnam and South Korea as part of the Hanoi Creative Design Festival.
15:53, 2023/11/12
Real scene performance in thousand-year-old communal house
By combining performing arts and modern technology, audiences can easily understand history and learn to appreciate and preserve tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
07:51, 2023/11/08
Traditional festivals in Hanoi's metropolitan are revived
Many festivals in Hanoi have their own characteristics that must be preserved and restored.
07:04, 2023/10/31
Hanoi gives special policies to artisans
If artisans are acknowledged, honored and rewarded for their work, they will be more motivated to preserve and pass on cultural heritage.
10:30, 2023/10/26
Family values in the development of capital
Hanoi places special emphasis on building family values and Hanoian standards, believing that these will be factors contributing to the development of a civilized capital.
10:43, 2023/10/26
Festival to honor craft villages in rural Hanoi
The festival celebrates the centuries-old craft villages in Phu Xuyen District and promotes the local tourism culture.
14:32, 2023/10/19
Hanoi's Little Ambassadors promotes capital tourism
Visitors have been able to explore the famous tourist attractions of Hanoi in a very special way at no charge thanks to the members of Hanoi Free Private Tour Guides (HNFTGs).
19:39, 2023/10/15
Photo gallery of South Korean idols for K-pop fans in Hanoi
Using modern technology, the exhibition brings together never-before-seen images of nine South Korean idol groups in an art installation space.
11:15, 2023/10/14
Six artists hold art exhibition in Hanoi
Six artists are collaborating to create paintings and sculptures inspired by the beauty of the natural environment, which they will share with the public during the exhibition.
13:58, 2023/10/07
French government is Vietnam's development partner: Ambassador
Ambassador Olivier Brochet said Vietnam holds a unique position in the hearts of the French people, and the Government of France will support Vietnam's progress.
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