31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
International Circus Festival to kick off on December 2
Nine troupes from Vietnam and other countries will perform 29 shows during the International Circus Festival 2022 in Hanoi.
14:33, 2022/33/22
Hanoi undertakes communication training to enhance community tourism
Communication is believed to be important in improving tourist satisfaction and increasing the influx of visitors.
17:03, 2022/03/17
Hanoi needs creative ways to turn old places into attractive sites
The train street, a spontaneous activity, may provide a hint for Hanoi authorities to develop new tourism products and services for international visitors.
15:31, 2022/31/01
Historical places: A destination to nurture students' love for history learning
Local schools in Hanoi are seeking more creative methods to raise the quality of history teaching for students.
17:17, 2022/17/21
Hanoi, Athens discuss bilateral relation development
Athens is known as the European Capital of Culture with a long history of more than 3,400 years.
15:26, 2022/26/21
Hanoi honors 90 best craft designs
The contest aims to encourage individuals and organizations in the city who creatively bring their designs into life in order to diversify the city's catalogue of handicrafts.
19:34, 2022/34/14
Regulatory reform, infrastructure development key to Hanoi's growth
Following the remarkable results achieved between January and September, Hanoi will focus on amending and improving the legal framework and building massive infrastructure to facilitate the capital city's growth.
17:39, 2022/39/24
Make Hanoi a worth-living place: Opinions
Experts have raised their voices to keep the beauty of Hanoi's pavements and make the city a worth-living region.
10:01, 2022/01/08
UNESCO requested to support Vietnam implementing conventions on culture
The implementation of Conventions on culture will enable Vietnam to better preserve heritage in the country home to dozens of UNESCO-recognized sites and elements.
19:40, 2021/40/24
Culture should be a torch to light up nation’s way forward: Expert
It is vital that Vietnam build a “normative cultural value system” for its people to take as a reference and avoid deviant behaviors that harm the development of society and tarnish the national image.
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