Hanoi’s 10 significant events in 2021
Amid the severe Covid-19 situation, Hanoi has overcome difficulties and achieved strong results in all spheres of politics, economy, culture, society, and security and defense.
11:37, 2021/37/10
Hanoi devises plan to deal with scenario of 100,000 Covid-19 cases: Mayor
Despite the high number of infection cases, Hanoi only has cordoned off to the least extent possible 69 out of 1,057 locations, where infections have been detected, under the principle of flexibility, safety and efficiency.
16:40, 2021/40/08
Hanoi gains significant results in Covid-19 fight: People’s Council deputies
The capital city stands firm in pursuing the twin goal of containing the pandemic and boosting socio-economic recovery in 2022.
14:02, 2021/02/25
Hanoi set to honor 200 outstanding businesses during Covid-19 pandemic
The event would serve as a platform for dialogue between city leaders and the business community to discuss solutions for the economy to overcome difficulties and thrive in the post-pandemic period.