31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
US finances Vietnam US$13 million in Covid-19 fight
US support over the last decade has assist Vietnam to prevent, detect and respond to emerging and serious infectious diseases.
05:45, 2021/45/02
Int’l organizations help first COVAX vaccine dose delivered to Vietnam
The first round of COVAX vaccine allotment is expected to administer around 2.5% of Vietnam’s population.
19:49, 2021/49/06
Vietnam ready for its first vaccination program on March 8
The MoH is working with the COVAX to arrange for another shipment of 1.3 million doses to arrive at Vietnam in March.
13:00, 2021/00/25
Germany to contribute additional EUR1.5B to global Covid vaccine sharing facility
Most of this sum will go to the COVAX Facility, which is procuring and financing vaccines for developing countries.
11:13, 2021/13/25
Vietnam plans to buy Pfizer, Sputnik vaccines
Vietnam is expected to get total 90 million doses in 2021, including 60 million from purchase.
13:53, 2021/53/19
Who will be first vaccinated in Vietnam?
The Ministry of Health said doctors and frontline health workers are among the first beneficiaries.
13:43, 2021/43/19
Vietnam’s Politburo agrees to import Covid-19 vaccines
Vietnam’s top leaders prioritize fight against Covid-19 in its political mission for the first quarter.
09:17, 2021/17/16
Five million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to arrive in Vietnam this month
The vaccines come from two sources, including the import of 117,000 doses and 4.8 million doses under the aid of Covax, a global program providing vaccines to people in poor and middle-income countries.
11:54, 2021/54/09
First vaccines to come to Vietnam before end of February: UN
International bodies pledged to administer vaccines to around 20% of Vietnam’s population.
09:30, 2021/30/07
Vietnam to get 5M doses of COVAX vaccines in Q1
Vietnam is among countries to get initial vaccine rollout by the global vaccine distribution facility.
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