31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
To address climate change, look to nature first
An integrated nature-based approach that uses biodiversity and ecosystem services will help people adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.
17:47, 2021/47/15
UN Human Rights Council adopts Vietnam-submitted resolution
The UNHRC adopted its annual climate change resolution in the face of unprecedented resistance from member states over the proposed appointment of a climate change expert.
18:30, 2021/30/13
Digitalization, green growth remain key priorities for Vietnam
Pursuing green growth will help Vietnam find new driving forces for sustainable development and enhance resilience against external shocks.
15:05, 2021/05/24
Vietnam seeks UK support in renewable energy projects
Vietnam gives high priority to promoting renewable energy during its transition process to a low-carbon economy.
11:23, 2021/23/18
Vietnam to benefit climate resilience support from FAO-led projects
These projects will help restore natural systems on land and water that the world is relying on to achieve a better environment.
22:18, 2021/18/29
Vietnam youth submits climate action for COP26
Vietnamese young representatives address bottlenecks that are incorporated into a roadmap for COP26.
22:04, 2021/04/28
Vietnam considers green growth key in sustainable development
Vietnam is gradually transitioning towards green growth, with workers’ life and job security a focus of the government during this process, the Prime Minister has said.
09:38, 2021/38/29
Good F-gas management helps Vietnam honor commitments in Paris Agreement: JICA
The HFC phase-down will contribute to Vietnam's target on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening its global climate resilience goals.
17:40, 2021/40/28
USAID supports Vietnam US$74million to address climate change
The activity builds upon over a decade of USAID’s partnership with the Vietnamese government to protect forests and biodiversity.
15:33, 2021/33/26
Making world politic with world climate
Unlike his predecessors, Joe Biden seems to realize that America's future depends on ecological economies and climate technologies.
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