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Hanoi ensures safe water for all local residents
Hanoi continues to pay attention to expand clean water sources and distribution and take full capacity of surface water purifiers already in operation.
11:29, 2020/29/08
Hanoi to inspect quality of tap water
The water inspection will also be carried out in case of environmental incidents, indications of pollution or when there are reports about bad water quality or under special requirements.
15:35, 2019/35/11
Japan’s JEBO apologizes for misunderstanding Hanoi mayor’s statement
JEBO said they would like to send their sincerest apology to the Hanoi mayor.
21:15, 2019/15/06
Hanoi ensures water supply for its residents
The Hanoi mayor stressed that the municipal government will speed up clean water supply for local residents because this is one of the main solutions to improve their living standard.
23:58, 2019/58/17
Hanoi yet to decide pricing of water from controversial Duong river waterworks
The Hanoi government had consulted with the Ministry of Finance and the rate of VND10,246 (US$0.44) per cubic meter of water is preliminary, not the charge that end users have to pay.