31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam aviation industry set to suffer losses of US$650 million in 2021
To further stimulate demand, airlines are forced to offer big promotions, which in turn contribute to incurring greater losses right in the peak season.
18:54, 2021/54/08
Aviation authority wants to allow Boeing 737 Max airplanes entering Vietnam airspace
Vietnam’s aviation authority would consider issuing import certificate for Boeing 737 Max in case countries like China, Australia and Russia lift their respective bans on the aircraft model.
21:50, 2021/50/01
Covid-19 resurgence hits Vietnam transportation sector
Instead of returning home or traveling during the Tet holiday, people would choose to stay put due to concern of the pandemic.
14:17, 2020/17/30
Vietnam’s top 8 economic events in 2020
As the world is struggling with unprecedented crisis from the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam has emerged as one of the most successful stories by putting the deathly virus under control and boosting strong economic growth.
11:31, 2020/31/05
Sweden proposes US$2-billion commercial loan for aviation projects in Vietnam
The Ministry of Transport would review this loan and report to the government.
09:23, 2020/23/02
MPI mulls second stimulus package
The focus of the government’s support this time would be for enterprises with high spillover effects to the economy, especially in fields of aviation, tourism and consumer products.
15:01, 2020/01/20
PM approves issuance of aviation license to Vietravel Airlines
Given the prime ministerial decision, Vietnam would have a sixth operational airline.
14:49, 2020/49/30
Vietnam gov’t waives taxes to boost economic recovery
More efforts are being made to speed up the economic recovery process while many countries are struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic.
16:01, 2020/01/04
Vietnam gov't approves establishment of Vietravel Airlines
The airline is scheduled to start operation in the second quarter this year with a fleet of three airplanes, which could be raised to eight by 2024.
19:05, 2020/05/27
Vietnam aviation industry to see US$1 billion revenue shaved on Covid-19
Northeast Asian markets such as China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea make up a significant source of revenue for Vietnamese airlines.
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