31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Aviation authority wants to allow Boeing 737 Max airplanes entering Vietnam airspace
Vietnam’s aviation authority would consider issuing import certificate for Boeing 737 Max in case countries like China, Australia and Russia lift their respective bans on the aircraft model.
10:31, 2021/31/07
Aviation association seeks state support for US$1.16-billion credit package
The association urged the government to gradually open borders for the resumption of international flights to markets that have put the pandemic under control, including the Europe, Australia, India, China, South Korea and Japan.
14:33, 2021/33/22
Vietnam, Australia to strengthen ties to strategic partnership by 2023
The two countries will soon sign the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Strategy (EEES).
17:40, 2020/40/15
Vietnam – Standout option for Australia businesses
Bilateral economic engagement is well established with trade and investment flows on upward trend.
10:24, 2020/24/07
Vietnam, Australia advance relations with three-pillar strategic action plan
The action plan lays the foundation for the upgrade to a comprehensive strategic partnership.
16:35, 2020/35/31
US, Japan and Australia to form supply chains in Vietnam
Three major financial institutions, namely JBIC, DFC and EFA, are committed to providing financial support for infrastructure and energy projects in Vietnam.
10:44, 2020/44/24
Australia to provide AUD100,000 to help Vietnam overcome historic flooding
Floods have left heavy consequences on Vietnam's central part.
12:52, 2020/52/16
Trade probes against Vietnam exports double in 9 months
To date, Vietnamese goods and products are subject to a total of 200 trade probes, in turn affecting a trade turnover of nearly US$12 billion.
08:41, 2020/41/30
Effective reform efforts to help Vietnam become high-income country by 2045: WB
Covid-19 could act as a catalyst for Vietnam to speed up the digital transformation it has already embarked upon.
14:30, 2020/30/19
Australian logistics firm LOGOS establishes US$350-million venture in Vietnam
The establishment of this venture in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic is testament to Vietnam’s exciting growth story, stated the firm’s senior executive.
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